Wonder soil

Wonder Soil


WONDER SOIL® is a light weight soilless growing medium made from PREMIUM COCO COIR  with guaranteed low salts. It promotes a stronger root system, faster  germination and enhanced plant growth. Our products are made in various sizes and formulas for  different gardening applications and expand up to 7 times their volume  when water is added. The inclusion of water saving polymers allows a  savings of up to 50% water, labor, and energy for up to 4 years. Our  products promote exceptional gardening success for both the novice and  professional.

Dry Coir


Guaranteed fresh coir with low salts.

Dry coir is cleaner than hydrated coir bags

A 1.5 cu ft bag expands to 7.5 cu ft

Custom mixes available

Prevents nutrient loss from over-watering and protects plants from under-watering

Promotes stronger and larger root systems

Guaranteed consistency promotes better results

Produces heavier yields

Factory volume discounts available.

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Mixing WONDER SOIL® with Sand to Green the Desert

    Mix WONDER SOIL® with sand to green the desert
    Promotes faster germination and stronger roo

Mix WONDER SOIL® with sand to green the desert.

Promotes faster germination and stronger root systems.


Use WONDER SOIL® in all desert planting applications.


Fill bare spots in lawn


WONDER SOIL® "Reground" for grass fills in bare spots and can grow a full lawn from seed in 7 to 9 days 

The WONDER SOIL® strong root system can root into all foundations including hard pack and clay 

Saves up to 90% on freight


Ships dry and compressed 

Saves up to 90% on freight 

1 truck of WONDER SOIL® equals 9 trucks of traditional soil 

Wonder soil video


A short animation about Wonder Soil