NATURal Solutions. All products on this page are available in volumes from one quart to 5 gallon sizes!

Cannablast 70


Cannablast 70 Organic Insect Spray is the highly effective, environmentally safe, natural solution for pest control in plant and vegetable grow operations. Whether your challenge is Thrips, Spider Mites, Russet Mites, Fungus Gnats or Aphids affecting your plants, flowers, buds or herb 

Cannablast is your safe choice, your natural choice for effective insect pest control with no risk to you.

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Cannablast 80


Cannablast 80 Organic Insect Spray – designed for commercially scaled  indoor or outdoor plant and garden grow operations. Available in one  gallon, four pack of one gallon units, 5 gallon bulk containers and 55  gallon drums for use in standard agricultural sprayers.  

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Cannablast 90


Cannablast 90 Organic Insect Spray – designed for larger commercially  scaled plant and vegetable indoor and outdoor grow operations, including  hydroponic, is available in a single gallon, four pack of one gallon  units, 5 gallon bulk containers and 55 gallon drums for use in standard  spray systems.

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Bed Bug Killer


Bed Bug Magic is the natural bed bug spray for safely getting rid of bed  bugs – and many other insect pests – without risk to you, children,  pets and plants. Bed Bug Magic works naturally to quickly and  effectively kill bed bugs

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Natural Mosquito repellent


Green Blaster Mosquito Blast helps you take back your yard or other  space that is being troubled by mosquitoes, no-see-ums and other outdoor  flying pests. Mosquito Blast is safe to use near bees, and, is safe to  use around people, plants and pets! 

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Mold and Mildew cleaner


GB natural Mold and Mildew stain cleaner is the highly effective and  safe alternative to harsh chemicals and bleaches. When you need to rid  your home of unhealthy mold or mildew stains make the safe choice, the  green choice, Green Blaster. From indoor surfaces to exterior siding,  patios, decks and more GB Mold Stain Cleaner is the only product you  need to get the job done, safely for you, your plants and our  environment.

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Insect control, Pet Shampoo and stain removers

Broad Spectrum Insect Spray


Green Blaster’s Broad Spectrum Insect Spray is a minimum risk pesticide  exempt from registration under FIFRA 25b and containing only approved  active ingredients and all other ingredients are GRAS (Generally  Recognized as Safe) or food grade! See product label for additional  information.

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HempGrow Pro


Hemp, like most plants, is prone to insects and pathogens  particularly when grown adjacent to soybeans and corn. Fungal pathogens  like gray mold (Botrytis cinerea) and white mold (Sclerotinia  sclerotiorum) are a special concern for hemp growers as is black mold  (Stachybotrys) which can appear at many points in the cultivation cycle,  and, can have a significant impact on crop production and crop value.  Hemp is also prone to fungal and bacterial leaf spots mainly during  establishment. Insects like the European corn borer, armyworm and  grasshoppers are a common challenge for hemp growers and processors in  the US.

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Insect Monitor


Green Blaster’s Insect Monitor gives you a safe way to on watch 24/7  with an all natural attractant and glue board to safely trap bed bugs.

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Natural Fly Control


GB Plant Protector is the natural way to control flies, aphids and many  other common insect pests ordinarily found on and in house plants,  shrubbery and ornamental plantings. Safe to use around people and pets  too!

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Pet Stain Remover


GB Pet Stain remover is the highly effective, natural alternative to  harsh chemcial spot removers. GB Pet Stain remvoer cleans and deodorizes  leaving carpets, floors and more sparkling clean and odor free.

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Flea and Tick Shampoo


Our rambunctious black Labrador Sammy and impishly clever Westie Quincy  love d to go on outdoor adventures, but they brought the outdoors in  with them and inspired us to create an all-green nature shampoo safe  enough for routine use, plenty tough on pests, yet gentle. Share the  love and care in every bottle of Sammy & Quincy’s made in the USA  with human and pet safe ingredients.

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Natural Cleaners

Natural Stone Cleaner


Green Blaster’s Natural Stone cleaner is formulated for modern concrete  and masonry countertops, walkways and decorative stoneware without any  acids, etching compounds or other dangerous chemicals.

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Natural Stainless Steel Cleaner


GB’s natural stainless steel cleaner is formulated to remover grime,  grease and germs to leave counters and appliances sparkling and streak  free. Save money, time and effort with the natural alternative to  ammonia based products; make the safe choice, the biodegradable choice –  Green Blaster Stainless Steel Cleaner!

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Natural Carpet and Fabric cleaner


Make the natural choice for cleaning and stain removal on carpets, furnishings and fabrics.

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Natural Drain Cleaner


Drains are a tough environment, but not too tough for Green Blaster.  This drain maintenance formula is easy to use, simply pour into the  drain and allow it to work for a while. It breaks down grease, sludge  and other nasty drain stuff and kills drain flies too! Great for SEPTIC tanks too!

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Bath & Shower Cleaner


Green Blaster’s Bath & Shower Cleaner is the natural alternative  to harsh chemicals and bleaches that can harm you and our planet.   Harnessing the power of nature, Green Blaster’s All Natural Bathroom  Cleaner products use enzymes carefully formulated to dissolve stains and  remove odors – without putting you at risk. Available in unscented and  lightly minted for a fresh, bright clean.

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Natural Floor Cleaner


B’s natural floor cleaner harnesses the power of nature to break down  and rinse away dirt and debris – even biologics like blood.The no rinse  floor cleaner makes for faster, more efficient cleaning and leaves  floors sparkling clean and deodorized.

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Natural Lubrication

Odorless and non-staining Lubrication

Green Rhino High Purity Lubricant’s non-conductive formula is a safe and  effective multipurpose lubricant. It is effective on, will not react  with, and will not cause pitting or etching on metals including steel,  brass, aluminum, copper, bronze, stainless steel, iron and most alloys.  Green Rhino is safe and effective on plastics, rubber and wood ; it will  not harm chrome, anodized, plated, powder coated and most painted  finishes. Green Rhino is clear, odorless and non-staining on non-porous  surfaces; it displaces water and provides a barrier against rust and  corrosion to protect and preserve parts. Green Rhino is an excellent  rust inhibitor and resists breakdown in air, high UV and high moisture  environments. Green Rhino is dielectric, carries no static charge and  won’t attract dust making it an ideal lubricant for electronics. Green  Rhino penetrates parts and displaces moisture; as a dielectric it won’t  short circuit sensitive electrical equipment or industrial controls.  Green Rhino’s non-static and dielectric properties also support  applications in print equipment, print processing and other high power  electronics equipment. Green Rhino is a non-toxic all-purpose lubricant  for use on surfaces where incidental food contact may occur. 

Food Safe Lubricant

All of  Green Rhino’s ingredients meet strict standards and requirements for use  around food and food processing equipment. Green Rhino is excellent for  use on conveyors, refrigerator doors, food service carts and kitchen  equipment keeping manual and electric systems lubricated, rust free and  working smoothly.

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