Salts and Hydrocarbon solution in water or soil:


Solutions for Salt Contamination

SA-1000™ is a convenient, cost effective, liquid treatment product  derived from and naturally occurring organic substrate. Our proprietary  and patented manufacturing process unleashes unparalleled performance  that address most of the potential effects that excess sodium and heavy  metals will have in all soil and wastewater applications.

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Hydrocarbon Remediation

Soil Rx utilizes a new approach to solving soil and water hydrocarbon  contamination problems. Specifically formulated for safe, effective and  environmentally friendly applications, Soil Rx utilizes a blend of  Polyelectrolyte Enhanced Bio-Polymers, highly concentrated live,  hydrocarbon-oxidizing bacteria, and a readily biodegradable natural  amino acid complex consisting of a nutrient-rich extract with a  broad-spectrum package of identifiable amino acids and other proteins.  This triple action product works together synergistically to degrade  hydrocarbons with minimal use of equipment, labor and cost. Soil Rx is a  low-cost liquid, making it an easy-to-use, cost effective means to  eliminate hydrocarbon contamination problems within various types of  industry. Soil Rx is an excellent product to remediate hydrocarbons in  soil and water. It is effective on gasoline, jet fuels, diesel fuels,  grease, tar, motor oils, crude oils, organic solvents, etc.

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