Fertilizers, Soils and Amendments

Fertility Products


Fertility products are designed using our proprietary formulation and  blending process. Food grade nutrients are scientifically blended to  create a low salt liquid formula that contains an all-new uniquely  processed humic/fulvic acid combination called Carboxx. Carboxx provides  a fully activated, 98% water soluble humic/fulvic acid that increases  the plants ability to absorb nutrients through its unique delivery  system. Carboxx also buffers against burning and restores natural soil  conditions, providing the essential building blocks for a balanced  growing environment while making all nutrients more available for  cellular uptake compared to conventional liquid nutrients.

Root and Groom 3-16-15


Root & Groom 3-16-15 is rich in potassium and phosphorus. This liquid foliar fertilizer increases nutrient storage, providing stress relief. Root &Groom promotes the formation of chlorophyll, and the uptake of proteins, vitamins, and critical enzymes needed for root development. Root & Groom

is highly beneficial for tournament preparation of turf, for improved yield

production when applied as a foliar to the crop just prior to or at fruit set, and for plants just prior to harvest, transplant or installation. This formula will improve a plant’s ability to combat the harmful effects of heat stress, frost damage, plant drought, or the shock of transplanting.

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Nitrate 4-0-8


Nitrate 4-0-8 is a liquid foliar fertilizer specially formulated from potassium

nitrate and calcium nitrate. This ultra low salt, all nitrate based formula, is

designed specifically to re-balance soils after a significant soil flush or heavy rain event. Since nitrate nutrients move freely with water, replacements of these

critical nutrients are needed to re-establish and promote an optimum nitrate to ammonia ratio in the growing profile. This formula provides better nitrogen performance during cold weather events while providing improved wear tolerance and provides increased plant transpiration. Use Nitrate when Urea

based fertilizers may promote increased disease pressure like snow mold.

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Establish 5-16-12


Establish 5-16-12 is a multi-use, liquid, soil or foliar fertilizer for new seed or plant establishment. Establish provides rapid absorption of

critical nutrients needed for increased germination, improved rooting,

early transplant development, and healthy seed or plant establishment.

Unlike conventional fertilizers, Establish can be applied directly to the seed bed for maximum germination and plant development. 

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Maintain™ 8-16-8


Maintain™ 8-16-8 is a liquid foliar fertilizer that promotes top growth,

improves root development, and aids damaged and diseased plants by

increasing the plant’s ability to uptake calcium, vitamins, and important

enzymes. Regular use of Maintain provides balanced N-P-K required for

consistent, dependable growth that eliminates the peaks and valleys of

traditional fertility programs. 

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No-Phos 14-0-7


No-Phos 14-0-7 is a unique combination of nitrogen sources that achieves a balanced release of nitrogen in multiple forms. No-Phos combines urea, nitrate and organic forms of nitrogen that produces controlled growth while improving soil structure for sustained plant health. This new formula is Phosphorus Free and provides Potash for improved wear tolerance. This ultra-low salt formula is the perfect foliar fertilizer for regular use throughout the growing season, in cold weather, after flushing rain events, and when additional nitrogen is needed for strong growth 

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Growth 16-4-8


Growth 16-4-8 QR (Quick Release)™ is a low P & K liquid foliar fertilizer containing a higher percentage of high quality urea for greater plant response and growth. This formula is complemented with a lower percentage of the patented, heterocyclic, organic nitrogen compound called urea-triazone. Regular use of Growth QR provides immediate growth with a quality slow

release for consistent, long term dependable growth.

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Nitro 21-0-0


Nitro 21-0-0™ is 100% urea nitrogen blend for maximum growth. This unique nitrogen formula outperforms other folia/soil nitrogen blends by remaining on the leaf surface longer

in the liquid phase for increased absorption, reduced ammonia

volatilization, greatly reduced burn potential, and a longermore uniform nitrogen release pattern. This low-salt formula is delivered by 3 Tier’s unique Activated Humic Acid technology that dramatically reduces any potential for plant burn after


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Huma-Balance XL Soil Conditioner


Huma-Balance XL Soil Conditioner is driven by 3 Tier’s natural Activated Humic Acid Carboxx combined with our enhanced plant and soil beneficial microbes. This formula

increases natural organic structure while enhancing biological activity, detoxifies soil from salt and pesticide residues, accelerates root development, protects plants and soils against pathogenic diseases through combative inhabitants, and converts nutrients into available forms so that they can be transported from the soil into the cell membrane of the plant. Huma-Balance XL is OMRI Listed

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Cal 86 Plus 6-0-0


Cal 86 Plus 6-0-0 is a bio-available, calcium rich, complex, liquid concentrate for the correction of

calcium deficient soils. Bio-available calcium is essential to the health of grasses, crops and is critical for

the formation, development, and strength of the plant’s cell walls. In combination with this unique microbial package, this new formula increases natural biological activity, detoxifies soil from salt and pesticide residues, accelerates root development, protects plants and soils against pathogenic diseases through combative inhabitants and transports valuable nutrients from the

soil into the cell membrane of the plant.

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Bio-Cat Booster


Bio-Cat Booster is a natural, ultra concentrated, non-bacterial

blend consisting of a complete complement of beneficial L-Amino acids, thousands of identifiable enzymes, co-enzymes, and other proteins. Bio-Cat Booster is blended with a natural package of five different surface tension modifiers

and is fortified with micro-nutrients to enhance the enzyme and microbial activity.

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Custom Soil blends

Custom Soil packages

WONDER SOIL® is a light weight soilless growing medium made from PREMIUM COCO COIR  with guaranteed low salts. It promotes a stronger root system, faster  germination and enhanced plant growth. Our products are made in various sizes and formulas for  different gardening applications and expand up to 7 times their volume  when water is added. The inclusion of water saving polymers allows a  savings of up to 50% water, labor, and energy for up to 4 years. Our  products promote exceptional gardening success for both the novice and  professional.

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