Biological Remediation of wastewater ponds is here today!

Wastewater pond treatment:

Custom Designed Protocols and Products provided to Remediate and balance your Wastewater pond.

Wastewater pond treatment:

At Leap Frog Industries (LFI), unlike companies who emulsify the grease caps or bottom sludge in ponds or lagoons with a surfactant and pass on the waste in a smaller form to flow downstream, our process products will fractionalize or break down the grease cap to byproducts which include carbon dioxide, water and trace minerals through generations of microbial growth, death, decay, and


At LFI, for each wastewater pond remediation process, the pond is first evaluated to attain the maximum success in the shortest possible period of time. Proper custom designed protocols require that product PPM loading is immeasurable until all proper calculations are conducted on the wastewater pond/lagoon including size, volume, depth, channeling, pH, temperatures, flows and content.

It must be noted that the only reason the pond is being treated is because the

pond is currently heavily out of balance due to the overwhelming amount of non-decomposed waste which is causing the over the limit numbers at the discharge water of the system; therefore each pond must be evaluated individually.

During the LFI remediation process, there is usually an initial adjustment and

leveling period which is needed to bring the pond into functional balance levels

that are reasonable and acceptable. This is why the pond outflow BOD and COD ratios can, at times, significantly change at the beginning of our treatment. At LFI, our goal and success is determined at the discharge end of the pond where there is a better working system so measured numbers are closer to the specified limits.


Wastewater Pond Remediation

The same pond after treatment by our Biological Remediation. At no time was the pond taken out of service!

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